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Inseparable - CBC
Executive Producer/Director/Writer
1 hr. Documentary
Airing on CBC Television’s Firsthand in the fall of 2017.
In the spirit of the BBC’s acclaimed “Up” series, “Inseparable” continues CBC’s chronicling of the remarkable Hogan twins. Tatiana and Krista celebrate their 10th year and their progress continues to astound, as they reach hallmarks never thought possible.

Cracking Cancer - CBC
1 hr. Documentary
Airing on CBC Television’s The Nature of Things with David Suzuki in early 2017.
Why are doctors in Vancouver using diabetes and blood pressure drugs to treat cancer patients? Because of a world-leading program that exists only in British Columbia. Doctors are mapping the entire genome of patients with advanced cancer, pinpointing the specific mutation that has led to the growth of their cancer tumour, and then researching exactly what drug could stop it. What they’re finding is challenging what we thought we knew about cancer, and leading to some spectacular, life-saving results.

Cowboy Up - CBC
Executive Producer/Director/Writer
1 hr. Documentary
Enter the thrilling, dangerous, sometimes wacky world of young cowboys and cowgirls - where kids don't just grow up, they "Cowboy Up".

Twin Life: Sharing Mind and Body - CBC
1 hr. Documentary
A year in the life of 7 year old conjoined twins Tatiana and Krista Hogan. Joined at the head, they were given only a 20% chance of survival at birth.  But these girls continue to defy the odds, confound doctors and move beyond developmental milestones once thought impossible.

Treasure Trader - History Television
8 x ½ hr. Documentary Series
Treasure Hunter Billy Jamieson travels the world searching for valuable and disturbing artifacts and curiosities.

Rodeo: Life on the Circuit - History Television
Supervising Producer
8 x 1 hr. Documentary Series
Captures the drama of professional cowboys and cowgirls as they compete in one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

Sextv - CTVglobemedia
30 x ½ hr. Documentary Series
A Gemini-Award winning documentary series about the incredible and puzzling world of human sexuality.

Book Television - CHUM Ltd.
Specials & 30 x ½ hr. Documentary Series
Documentaries featuring star authors and emerging writers.

CampusPD - G4
36 x ½ hr. Documentary Series
University life as seen by the professionals who police them; Campus PD is packed with crazy real-life stories of law and disorder.

Nexttv - CHUM Ltd.
30 x ½ hr. Documentary Series
A Documentary series featuring cutting edge developments in science, technology, design and social movements.

The Week the Women Went - CBC
Writer/Story Producer
8 x 1hr Factual Entertainment Series
A social experiment show that reveals what happens when the women in Tatamagouche, NS leave for a week and the men and children have to fend for themselves.

Arts&Minds - Bravo
26 x ½ hr. Documentary-style magazine series
A documentary style program covering high profile artists and events in Canada and around the world.